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Submitted by paula7777_101755 on Thu, 07/07/2022 - 13:26

Asher C. Goldstein, MD, is a board-certified pain management physician, and the Chair of Pain Medicine at Holy Name. He has a practice in Hackensack. Dr. Goldstein takes a hands-on approach to treating patients, bringing an out-of-the-box style of thinking to his treatment plans. He uses his years of experience and education in the realms of psychology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and anesthesiology to form a treatment plan for the whole patient, not just to treat particular symptoms. Dr. Goldstein’s expertise is in all-encompassing pain, and specializes in treating pain from immune dysfunction diseases such as LUPUS, Chron’s and fibromyalgia. Additionally, he is inspired to help those with spine pain, not just to cover over the pain but to treat the underlying causes using the newest technologies available. He is board-certified in Physiatry with the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.