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8591 Prairie Trail Drive Suite C 600
Englewood, CO 80112

Phone - 800-499-3100
Fax - 303-755-5242
Email - sales@bbpharm.net


Founded in 1997, B&B Pharmaceuticals is a wholesaler of the highest quality bulk raw materials used in Pharmaceutical Compounding. We specialize in Schedule II Controlled Substances, Low Dose Naltrexone, Hormones (HRT), sexual health, and other Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. All Naltrexone products are sourced from FDA registered, cGMP facilities, and are procured directly from the manufacturer. Products are then repackaged in our state-of-the-art, ISO 6, Class 1000 clean rooms. Analytical, purity, and stability testing is conducted by an outside laboratory. Our extensive vendor validation process ensures that all state and federal regulations have been met or exceeded for each of our products. Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets are available on every product. B&B Pharmaceuticals is a VAWD accredited wholesale distribution facility. Whether the scope of your Naltrexone compounding be in a traditional 503 pharmacy, a 503B facility, or other setting, we pride ourselves on providing customized services to accommodate your business’s specific Naltrexone needs. With our prompt, 24-hour turnaround on all stock items, our customized services available for bulk quantities, and the support of a global quality team, B&B Pharmaceuticals is committed to earning your business and being your trusted partner in providing quality LDN treatment. Contact a sales representative today to see how B&B Pharmaceuticals can enhance your patient’s LDN experience.