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As a naturalist and the creator of KETO-TO-GO, my preference and intuitive inclinations on all levels is to lean towards a VEGAN DIET over all other choices. Initially I was only going to create a VEGAN Keto-to-go and possibly a VEGETARIAN option, however, demanding relatives and friends who are very meat-driven and habituated to the MEAT-BASED lifestyle insisted that I include meat and Paleo/meat options. Because of this demand, I am in the process of developing menu choices for all three life styles. VEGAN/KETO. VEGETARIAN/KETO & PALEO/KETO.  I am dragged into providing meat meals (kicking and rebelling...) and along with some of the DOCTORS that recommend KETO TO GO, they love the VEGAN and VEGETARIAN KETO options because those are the hardest to formulate!

EXTREME-KETO which consists of only 4:1 & 5:1 very strict fat –to-protein-to net-carb ratios that are often suggested for treating Epilepsy and other similar conditions and now also cancer patients. Ratios of each item will always be provided. Also provided are the ingredients lists and nutrients, calories and grams for those who want to get very specific about what they are ingesting. We are adding other products like MENOPAUSE pudding for women post or during menopause and other more moderate KETO meals for those that are only weight loss, or fitness oriented and don't need the extreme ratios that most of our products and desserts boast of. If you want me to design a product or meal plan for you? CALL! 201-836-6085!

Organic & Non-GMO
We try, wherever possible, to obtain the highest quality organic products when they are available. We never knowingly purchase any products that are GMO fed or GMO grown. This is, however, an extremely difficult task because of tricky labelling of products, because of dishonest vendors. I have found that there are a lot of sneaky tricks to hide the truth about the foods we are purchasing. We can only try our best to find the cleanest and best ingredients that we can. Not every ingredient in our products is Organic, but some items we are religious about - such as dairy products, eggs, meats, coconut oils etc...