Dr Amber Myers shares her Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Experience on The LDN Radio Show 20108

Dr. Amber Myers is a pharmacist from Texas and is sharing the pharmacy experience about LDN.

I was raised in Oklahoma, and when I was younger, independent pharmacy was really a big deal up there. My grandmother actually is the one who suggested it to me. When I was a senior in high school, I had to have a outpatient surgery. My tonsils had swollen and I had the surgery. And one of the things I had to do afterwards was go get this mouthwash and I had to go to a compounding pharmacy for it. I thought what they did was so neat. They made something just for me and it tasted great. And ever since then, I was really interested in it.

We do capsules, capitals, liquid and cream. We're kind of working on a LDN vaginal and also on eyedrop form.

The most popular conditions we see is thyroid problems, Fibromyalgia and GI related fibro is huge in this area for some reason.

We suggest our patients to supplement as well. We have a really great supplement company that we work with and they don't supplement with animal glandular, proteins or anything extra.

We also encourage them to change their diets and tell them that as you continue to go on this course with your new food intake, you will get used to the new taste of foods and will enjoy them. Even the same thing with vegetables, you start to taste that natural sweetness.

So, if you can stick with eating food that you think might be a bit tarter, isn't a sweet, but in two weeks time, the new tastes birds haven't got used to the sweet food so that they then are educated to think what you're eating is sweet. So just do it over a slow process. A slow amount of time to retrain the mind on how to eat, what it means to eat, train, retrain those taste buds. And it's something that you can maintain longer and people have to get out of the mindset of thinking I'm on a diet.

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.  And you have to want to do it. If you're not wanting to do it or willing to do it, then now it's not the time.

I would like to talk about our pharmacy. We are located in Denton, which is just North of the Dallas is one of the suburbs North of the Dallas metroplex. And we have been in business 20 plus years. The compounding lab is sterile and non-sterile accredited.

It's one of the most amazing labs I've ever seen. And we do the autologous serum, eye drops for dry eye and we delivery and mail out all over the state.

If you are somebody who is very sick with an autoimmune disease, having your medication delivered is one less task you have to try and set it aside.

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