Dr Armin Schwarzbach’s Presentation on Modern tests for Lyme Disease at The LDN 2018 Conference

Dr Armin Schwarzbach delivers his presentation on Modern testing for Lyme Disease at the LDN 2018 Conference.

Dr Armin Schwarzbach treats patients world wide for a Variety of autoimmune conditions utilizing LDN. He is amazed at the excellent results and is bewildered that so few doctors are aware of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and reluctant to prescribe this effective, safe, and inexpensive drug. 

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that can be spread to humans by infected ticks. It's usually easier to treat if it's diagnosed early. In this presentation Dr Schwarzbach talks about modern tests for Lyme disease and how crucial it is to get the diagnosis right.

This is a summary of Dr Armin Schwarzbach’s presentation. Please listen to the rest of Dr Schwarzbach’s presentation by clicking on the video above.