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Dr. Paulvin's goal with all of his patients is to optimize their health in the first 60-minute visit.
He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Osteopathic
Manipulation, Functional Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy and Medical Acupuncture. He has
helped top executives, Olympic athletes, top trainers, and celebrities optimize their health.

Dr. Paulvin has been featured in the NY Post, Nutritious Life, Fasting MD, and many other
publications and podcasts. Dr. Paulvin's practice is based in Manhattan. He also serves clients in
multiple states including Florida, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Connecticut over
telemedicine. Dr. Paulvin uses traditional and alternative treatments to help his patients. Patients
see Dr. Paulvin for his expertise in Biohacking and Health Optimization. In addition, he
specializes in helping his patients with hormone optimization, Peptide Therapy, Nootropics and
natural options for pain relief.