Gabi from the United States talks about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Gabi from the United States talks about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) 

Her symptoms began in 1994 during a trip to Italy when she suffered a severe episode of vertigo and was taken to hospital where the diagnosis was inconclusive. It was assumed to be caused by a virus. Two days later it had passed.
 Two years later she experienced numbness in her fingers but after two weeks it had gone. Then, in 2000 after her son was diagnosed with cancer she collapsed, sustaining a head injury which required stitches. An MRI scan revealed plaques in the brain. The neurologist advised annual MRI scans.

In 2004 she suffered optic neuritis and although a spinal tap proved negative she was given a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. She didn't want to take the strong drugs prescribed so spent 18 months researching and discovered Low Dose Naltrexone.

In 2005 following an episode of leg weakness she saw a neurologist who refused to prescribe LDN, but she found a GP wbo prescribed it. She started on 3.5mg increasing to 4.5mg in 2006. Her symptoms gradually improved almost imperceptibly and after 3-4 months she had no symptoms. 

Two years ago, when the whole family had a cold she took Nytol containing alcohol and the feelings of numbness returned. The alcohol was rendering the LDN ineffective. 

Since then she takes part in many activities including skiing, cycling and scuba diving. No one realises she has multiple sclerosis. She has publicised it on various MS websites to help other sufferers. 

This is a summary. To listen to the whole LDN and MS interview please click the video link.