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Meet our Hypnotherapists

Lachlan Cox

with bailey_0.jpgLachlan Cox, is a clinical hypnotist who speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish and is certified by the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotherapists.

Back in 2007 he went through a very rough period in his life. Fortunately, he discovered hypnosis and was able to resolve his own personal problems, to relax and get balanced through self hypnosis.

As some time went by he wondered how he could manage to use this technique to be able to help others around him, to get through their own anxieties, worries, fears and stresses of everyday life. So in 2011, he trained with Igor Ledochowski one of the leading master conversational hypnotists and hypnotherapists in the world today.

He says that there is an enormous feeling of satisfaction when you are given the chance to really make a difference in someone’s life; it can be the smallest of changes, but sometimes those can also be the largest ones too. In fact, that one small shifting moment can have a large knock-on effect with a large amount of issues attached to it.

And this is what he loves; knowing that the other person in front of him or next to him is feeling that difference happening consciously and/or unconsciously.

How can hypnosis help you?

Pain is a great example of a message we ignore. What happens is that the more we try to ignore the message of pain from our subconscious, the more the subconscious continues to send us pain messages, talking to us, asking us to pay attention because something is wrong. But we generally choose to ignore it some more hoping it will go away by itself. 

And we are constantly receiving signals all day long in forms of emotions, pains, thoughts, daydreams, itches, cramps, fatigue, feelings...

Here’s one example: chronic pain. 

Chronic pain is pain or “pain memory” that continues after an acute injury heals or after the passing of a period of time that should allow for healing. Often, for unknown reasons, the injury or tissue damage doesn’t heal as expected, and because of this, the nerve fibres continue to send signals to the brain as if there is damage that needs attention. So, the signals never actually got switched off.

Recent studies have found that the persistence in pain memory can lead to a restructuring of the nervous system function and this restructuring can lead to chronic pain. So, the persistence of pain memory can outlast beyond its beneficial function.

In certain moments in our lives our subconscious mind creates ways of protecting us, unfortunately though, sometimes these protection mechanisms get stuck in place and continue on well after we need them to be there. In doing so, this process can create other problems for us later on by not allowing us access or control over that part of us that once protected us, but now isn’t.

So, if the subconscious has created a way of protecting us in the past, what it now just needs is a new set of instructions or ideas to follow, to help us let go of that memory of pain and live in the present. That is, precisely, where hypnosis can be of help: to lead you on the process of reprogramming your own resources.

Several other studies have also been conducted suggesting that we can learn to control our immune system responses. One such study published in the scientific journal PNAS writes, “Hitherto, both the autonomic nervous system and innate immune system were regarded as systems that cannot be voluntarily influenced. 

But what this study demonstrates is that, “...the sympathetic nervous system and immune system can indeed be voluntarily influenced.”

Whilst another scientific study made in Australia has concluded that, “Most people are convinced that their body parts are in fact their own, but in some clinical conditions, this sense of ownership can be lost. Perceptual illusions, most famously the rubber hand illusion (RHI), demonstrate that a sense of ownership over a body part (or an entire body) that is not in fact ours, can be easily induced in healthy volunteers.” 

Professor Lorimer Moseley, who led the study said, “Such a finding is particularly relevant to the immune system because a primary role of the immune system is to discriminate self from non-self. These findings strengthen the argument that the brain exerts some kind of control over specific body parts according to how strongly we own them.”

Both of these studies show that we can, in many ways, influence our immune system; in that our thoughts, beliefs and emotional states can actually have a greater affect on our physical state. Which means you can learn to take control of your immune system, your body and your health.

How can Lachlan help you?

Hypnotherapy often has high success rates for helping those suffering from psychological or functional diseases, mainly in what concerns the struggle with unpleasant symptoms of the disease. By modifying belief systems and negative thought patterns, it has also a great effect when used to shape certain personality or motivational aspects.

Here is a list of some areas in which his hypnosis can help you:
●    Chronic pain control
●    Treatment of addictions (in particular smoking)
●    Control and treatment of stress (fears, phobias, panic, anxiety, insomnia and depression)
●    Motivational stimulation (personal, educational, professional and sport)
●    Personality Stimulation (increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, leadership skills, overcoming handicaps like shyness, social or relationships disabilities)

How can sessions be made with Lachlan?

Depending on where you are in the world, sessions with Lachlan can be made in person, over skype, or by telephone as well.

Please do not hesitate to contact him should you need any further clarification on the above:

email / phone (+351) 915.485.180 / skype: lachlancox / website

Listen to Lachlan Cox

Ted Heath

ted-shadow.jpgTed Heath is a registered Hypnotist and Chinosis coach, based on the East Coast of Norfolk.

During his careers in Industry and in Education, hypnosis has held a fascination for him. As a Lecturer and also as a former Athletics coach to college and club runners and to an international athlete he is well aware of the power of the mind in assisting individuals to attain goals which were perhaps beyond their expectations.

Ted has immediate empathy with all his clients and uses the skills developed over many years to work individually with them, helping them to set and attain goals.

He has been working with and helping MS clients with great success, and has an understanding of the difficult challenges that face people with MS and their families.

Jonathan Chase, Programme Director of The Academy of Hypnotic Arts, and himself described as "Britain's Leading Hypnotist" (Mail on Sunday) and as "Master Hypnotist" (Sunday Times), sent the following unsolicited endorsement for publication on a web site, referring to Ted as: "One of the best 'natural' hypnotists I've ever had the pleasure to watch work".

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