Jill Brook, MA shares her LDN experience on the LDN Radio Show 2018

Jill Brook, MA shares her Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) experience on the LDN Radio Show with Linda Elsegood.

ill Brook, M.A. ran a thriving nutrition practice in Southern California for 12 years, until severe POTS and related disorders left her unable to stand up, eat, sleep, or get around without fainting. For years she was homebound, searching for answers. After trying everything recommended by 19 specialists, Jill found the LDN 2016 conference, which changed her life. 

She is now back to enjoying her old activities, working as a Nutrition Consultant to the Dysautonomia Clinic, serving on the Boards of patient advocacy groups, and assisting several POTS specialists with their research. Most recently she was the subject of a published case study describing her unusually successful recovery, and the role that LDN may have played.

Jill Brook suffered for over 17 years with dysautonomia and was on her “last legs” before discovering Low Dose Naltrexone. She shares her story, describing her worsening symptoms and various treatments on her road back to health. As a dietitian she also shares with us, how diet affects the immune system and overall health. This interview will benefit anyone with an illness caused by a low autoimmune system, and autonomic dysfunction.

This is a summary of Jill Brook’s interview. Please listen to the rest of Jill’s story by clicking on the video above.