Kelly Neil, FNP, DNP

Integrative is placing the patient in the center of all decision making processes.

Kelly Neil is a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) who specializes in Internal Medicine. She received her master’s degree from California State University in 2001. Went on to receive her Doctorate (DNP) in Clinical Practice from Case Western Reserve. Kelly has greater than twenty years’ experience in the medical industry, specifically dedicated in preventive care and internal medicine. She practices with integrity, efficiency, and the understanding that each patient’s needs will be different. She has always felt that it is important to maintain an optimistic perspective in all aspects of life; she strives to give her patients this outlook as well.

Hadar Integrative Medical Center is a telehealth company treating patients in California. New patients fill out the appropriate forms at and attach to an email in PDF format. Appointments will be made at the next available opportunity.