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Being a member of the LDN Research Trust comes with benefits.

Not only is our annual donation membership superb value, but it also helps us to continue our work. 

Our website is very busy! Google Analytics stats show in the last 12 months we had approximately 2.1 million visits, with 42% looking at the prescriber and pharmacy pages. (Stats 12/12/2019)

You can claim tax back on your donation membership in the UK and USA.

Tax Deductible Donations:

UK Donations are tax deductible; your accountant can claim the tax back.

USA Donations over $500 are now Tax Deductible click here for details

  • Please contact us using this form after donating via CAF so we can link the donation to your account.
  • We will notify you as soon we receive your donation.

Together we can achieve so much!

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