LDN and FOLFIRI Chemo and Cetuximab (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitor - EGFR)

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Akbar Khan, MD
Dr Akbar Khan
Medicor Cancer Centres

Can LDN be safely used alongside treatment with FOLFIRI Chemo and Cetuximab (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitor - EGFR)? 

It is our experience that LDN can be used safely with FOLFIRI chemo, even though there is no specific published human research to address this question. The same applies to cetuximab. When we look at the mechanism of action of LDN and also the relevant lab studies (in vitro testing of various cancers, with and without chemo), we see that LDN should enhance the effects of chemotherapy against cancer cells. Since LDN also has immune-enhancing action, it may even reduce the infection risk associated with chemotherapy. As long as the patient is not taking any long-acting or time-release opiate pain medication, LDN is generally considered to be safe to try. For specific medical advice please locate an LDN prescriber through the LDN Research Trust website.