Lexi from the United States shares her Parkinson’s Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Story

Lexi started having chronic insomnia, one of the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease; and severe anxiety, bladder spasms, loss of sense of smell, and constipation. Soon she noticed tremors in her right toe, and noticed a right foot drop, which caused her to trip and fall several times, including while walking upstairs. Next she noted her right arm didn’t swing when she walked, and that walking felt like pushing against a river current.  She started having pain, stiffness, weakness in her legs, debilitating fatigue, and her voice and her handwriting became small and scratchy.

Her neurologist’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s was confirmed at Mayo Clinic. Her quality of life was about 3 on a 10-point scale, and she had to quit her job because of her disability. With a no-hope diagnosis she started researching and learned about low dose naltrexone (LDN) in 2009 and convinced her neurologist to prescribe it. She started on 3 mg for 1 year, and quickly noticed improvement, a feeling of wellbeing, and less anxiety. Currently she’s on 4.5 mg, all her symptoms improved, and she has weaned off all Parkinson’s meds. She rates her quality of life at 9 on a 10-point scale.  She still has a few bladder spasms, but otherwise is doing well, including regaining her sense of smell.

Keywords:  insomnia, anxiety, bladder spasms, anosmia, loss of sense of smell, constipation, tremors, foot drop, pain, stiffness, weakness, fatigue, voice changes, Parkinson’s, LDN, low dose naltrexone

Summary of Lexi’s interview, please listen to the video for the full story.

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