Pharmacist Tapio shares his LDN Experience on the LDN Radio Show (Archived Interview)

Pharmacist Tapio from Norway who takes Low Dose Naltrexone shares his experience.

Since I am taking LDN I have more energy. I sleep better. And another thing has to do with blood circulation. I have hemorrhoids, bleeding sometimes, but since I started with LDN, then the bleeding is it's going away.

It's not easy to get a prescription here in Norway because doctors are not aware of this stuff.

There is a discussion group in Facebook with NDNR that is amazing. There's like 8,000 members there.

And a prescription here can be quite expensive so to anybody in Norway I suggest looking for a prescription and buying it at boots Pharmacy.

If you get the doctor who is not interested, so you will have problems getting a prescription. I know we have lots of people getting their prescriptions via England.

Summary from Pharmacist Tapio's interview from Norway. Listen the above YouTube video for the full interview.