Pharmacist Victor Falah shares his LDN Experience on the LDN Radio Show (Archived Interview)

Pharmacist Victor Falah in the United States shares his expereince of Low DoseNaltrexone (LDN).

The first time I heard of LDN was in 1994 trough a patient that came to my pharmacy  with a prescription.

Now we have a hundred new patients a week.

And the majority of them are really very happy. Not everybody is using it for the same purpose.

When we started, we get it for people with HIV nd then after that, it tends to be good for Multiple Sclerosis patients. And most of our patients right now really have Multiple Sclerosis.

People with MS are very happy with it.

Some patients can have some type of stomach issues and others insomnia but it will pass after a week or two.

I would like to say to people to give it a try for at least 3 months. If you have any kind of side effects give us a call.

Pharmacist Victor Falah's interview. Listen the YouTube video for the full interview.