Sarah from England shares her Autism and LDN Story

This is a really inspirational story of a Mother’s battle to help her daughter, Jasmine, with Autism, Chronic Fatigue and pain.  

Jasmine was diagnosed quite late with Autism, she was about 2 years old when symptoms appeared but 10 when she was finally diagnosed. Jasmine suffered social isolation due to her autism at school and when she hit puberty she began having pain in her hip which spread to her leg, elbows, fingers and pretty much all over. Severe fatigue also plagued Jasmine whenever she exerted herself.  

After seeing a doctor in London and adjusting Jasmine’s diet the doctor prescribed Low Dose Naltrexone. Prior to LDN Sarah and her family could not go out together as Jasmine’s condition made walks etc impossible. 

Jasmine did suffer vivid dreams to begin with after starting Low Dose Naltrexone but these subsided. The first thing they noticed after LDN was introduced was that Jasmine no longer heard voices in her head, her energy levels increased and her mobility got much better after just a few months.  Jasmine’s legs had been bent and then straightened and the pain and rashes subsided.  She is also able to eat foods that she was previously reluctant to eat or sensitive to. 

Life for the entire family has improved since the introduction of LDN and for this Sarah is grateful.