Dr Phil Boyle is a graduate of the University of Ireland, Galway, 1992. He completed training in General practice in 1997 and works full time in Restorative Reproductive Medicine since 1998. Dr Boyle is the founder of NeoFertility treatment in Dublin Ireland. He is co-developer of the fertility app https://www.chartneo.com/

Dr Boyle has helped over 4000 couples achieve successful pregnancies, many after years of infertility, recurrent miscarriage and failed IVF. He has used LDN since 2002 as an essential component of fertility treatment for women with symptoms of clinical endorphin deficiency - this is likely with PMS, fatigue, endometriosis and PCOS. He has safely treated over 2000 pregnancies with LDN until 37 weeks gestation

Dr Boyle has presented the results of his work at numerous international conferences and has published his work in peer reviewed journals (1,2) and is currently working on a PMS study of LDN.

Dr Boyle is currently president of the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine (https://iirrm.org/) and is a member of the Irish Fertility Society

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