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Dr Jess Armine interviews Linda

Linda Elsegood talks to Dr Jess Armine about MS, LDN, the LDN Research Trust and The LDN Book Volume 2

Q&A #3

Frequently asked questions answered by our medical professionals - #3

Paul Burgess

Paul has been working in the health industry for over 20 years. His online company has patients
all over the World.
He also has a very successful health podcast that has been running for nearly a decade and is
downloaded in over 46 countries.
His background and first Diploma qualification was in Clinical Nutrition which soon led to more of
a functional medicine approach with patients.
Understanding that it is not ‘just one thing’ that a person needs to be well, but a complete
approach which addresses habits, lifestyle, sleep, stress management, nutrition, hormones, all
body system functions, central nervous system monitoring and the daily thoughts people have
about themselves and their lives, allows Paul to get longstanding results with patients that have
all but given up on the traditional medical approach.
Paul believes the the goal for any practitioner should be to take people from suffering symptoms,
to a place where they can enjoy every day and experience life for the amazing journey it was
meant to be.
Paul also runs a practitioner training company which trains practitioners to excel at the job they
do by sharing in his methods, understanding and years of experience.

Jill Brook Q & A

Jill Brooks Nutrition and Life Style #2

Dr Neil Paulvin

Dr. Paulvin's goal with all of his patients is to optimize their health in the first 60-minute visit.
He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Osteopathic
Manipulation, Functional Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy and Medical Acupuncture. He has
helped top executives, Olympic athletes, top trainers, and celebrities optimize their health.

Dr. Paulvin has been featured in the NY Post, Nutritious Life, Fasting MD, and many other
publications and podcasts. Dr. Paulvin's practice is based in Manhattan. He also serves clients in
multiple states including Florida, California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Connecticut over
telemedicine. Dr. Paulvin uses traditional and alternative treatments to help his patients. Patients
see Dr. Paulvin for his expertise in Biohacking and Health Optimization. In addition, he
specializes in helping his patients with hormone optimization, Peptide Therapy, Nootropics and
natural options for pain relief.

Q & A #4

Frequently asked questions answered by our medical professionals - #4