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Upcoming Shows

Linda Elsegood  - The LDN Book 2 Launch

Linda Elsegood  - The LDN Book 2 Launch with Mark Drugs and Motivated Medicine

Q & A # 5

Questions & Answers #5

Dr. Dan Zatarski, Pharmacist

Dr. Dan Zatarski, presents at The LDN Book volume 2 tour with MD Custom RX

Dr. Debra Muth

Dr. Debra Muth, The LDN Book volume 2 presentation for MD Custom RX

Derek Enlander, MD

Derek Enlander, MD, is an Internist specializing in ME/CFSfibromyalgia, and Lyme disease. Though originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland (UK), he now works in New York City, New York, United States. He is a clinical instructor at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and leads the CFS Center at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Committed to introducing the next generation of doctors to the best training in ME/CFS, he frequently has medical students and interns shadow him in his office.

Dr Yusuf Saleeby

General Preventive and Integrative Medicine/ Restorative Medicine / Functional Medicine

Jill Brooks Life Style #3

Jill Brooks Life Style #3

Dr Sajad Zalzala

Dr.Z combines the unique qualities of an experienced doctor passionate about disease prevention and longevity,  with the strategic vision and skills of a serial entrepreneur. Sajad has been passionate about slowing and reversing age-related diseases for 20 years. 

Sajad is one of the rare MD’s personally licensed in all 50 States, as well as Washington D.C. and Ontario. He has extensive experience working with startup companies in the telemedicine/telehealth field, and has been an advisor to multiple successful healthcare startups, including Pill Club, Jack Health, forHims.

Dr. Z has been treating patients with LDN for years and continues to find it useful for all sorts of conditions.


Dr. Sarah Zielsdorf MD,

Dr. Sarah Zielsdorf MD Custom RX Presentation

Q&A #6

Questions & Answers #6