LDN Nutrition and Lifestyle

Practical tips and strategies for living better from our Research Advisor, nutritionist Jill Brook.

Food and lifestyle can make a big difference to your experience with LDN and healing from pain or illness.  On these pages we’ll share evidence-based wellness strategies, plus tips for making healthy habit changes easier and more maintainable.  

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Jill Brook, MA is a long-time nutritionist, researcher and autoimmune patient benefiting from LDN.  After earning degrees from Princeton University and UCLA, she worked for both universities and the Pritikin Longevity Center before opening a private practice in Southern California.  

After experiencing serious health challenges of her own, she now focuses her research and nutrition work on autoimmunity, gut health, SIBO, mast cell activation, gastroparesis, and specialized diets for healing. 

Jill lives in Northern California with her husband and enjoys hiking and volunteering for several patient advocacy groups.

Phone or Skype consultations with Jill are available by emailing Jill@dietforhealth.com, and you can learn more about her website