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Australia & New Zealand

Elizma Lambert - Connecting the Dots - Elizma Lambert is known as the ‘OAT whisperer’ around the world and lectures practitioners on functional tests and nutrigenomic interpretation. By connecting the dots between symptoms involving multiple systems, she aims to determine the root cause of biochemical dysfunction. Website:          Email:

United Kingdom (UK)


Paul Burgess Functional Medicine Ltd - Functional Medicine Practitioner - I specialise in giving back people the capacity to live a happy fulfilling life but dealing with any health issues they may have and cutting through all the confusion about what to do that is best for their own health. Website:          Email:


Nigel Fawthrop, MSc BSc(Hons) mBANT, CNHC, ANLP, FMCHC - Resilient Health for Living - I am a Nutritionist/Functional Medicine practitioner based in the UK, I have a specific interest in supporting people with multifactorial, chronic health conditions, such as mental health issues, chronic fatigue etc. I offer a free introductory health strategy call. Website:          Email:

United States (USA)


Jill Brook, MA - nutritionist for 20 years, and POTS/MCAS/autoimmune patient for over 25. Experience helping people with complex medical situations, using the latest evidence-based information.  Specialities:  POTS, dysautonomia, autoimmunity, MCAS, gut health/SIBO, weight control. Website:        Email:


Dr. Jess Armine - I specialize in diagnosing and treating complex, multifactorial conditions, particularly those conditions that have not found help elsewhere. I treat the entire person. Book a complimentary 30 min discovery session to find out if I can help you. Website:          Email:





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