LDN Supply Chain Specialist

Pharmacist John Bardsley 

John is a pharmacist with broad career experience in both practice and industry, having held varied senior level roles ranging from oversight of national practice legal and ethical compliance for a major UK pharmacy multiple, through to the management of pharmaceutical manufacturing and regulatory speciality for international Plcs.

John Bardsley John now owns and operates Thistle Pharma Ltd, a broadly virtual healthcare enterprise established by Pharmacists in 2014, and which works with both UK and international trusted partners to deliver bespoke manufacture, international procurement, niche market access and specialist supply chain solutions for patients with unmet needs in the UK.

Given his end-to-end healthcare experience, John is uniquely placed to support the Trust in trying to connect affiliate organisations with resonating partners, and ensure members are signposted toward best in class, compliant patient access programs and supply chain solutions, wherever they are in the world.