Compounding Medications

Pharmacy compounding is the customized preparation of a medication based on the needs of a particular patient. These medications are prescribed by a physician, veterinarian, or other prescribers, and compounded by a state-licensed pharmacist

A growing number of people and animals have unique health needs that off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all prescription medicines cannot meet. For them, customized medications are the only way to better health, and are often life-saving.

Who uses compounded medicine?

Millions of patients have unique health needs that off-the-shelf, manufactured medications cannot meet. For these patients, personalized medication solutions – prescribed by licensed providers and prepared by licensed pharmacists – are the only way to better health.

Working with a prescriber, a compounding pharmacist can meet individual needs of children, adults and animals. Whether it’s an allergy to a dye or an ingredient, a need for a different strength, or a preference for a different dosage form, compounding pharmacists provide patients with solutions to their medication needs.

The Partnership for Personalized Prescriptions (P3) brings together patients, providers, veterinarians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare advocates who know how valuable compounded medicines are to modern, individualized healthcare.

Our mission is to educate, advocate, protect & advance patients’ access to customized medicines. Learn about the personal testimonials patients have to share about how personalized medications have helped them, and in some cases, saved their lives.

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