LDN Specialists

We are proud to introduce those that have passed the MasterClass to become Certified LDN Specialists in 2024

LDN Specicalists


Mark Wayne Ernest, MD

Mark Wayne Ernest, MDDr. Ernest, a graduate of the University of Arizona’s Andrew Weil Center for Integrative
Medicine, works with patients to identify the root cause of illness in an effort to improve their
quality of life

Jennifer Rickner PharmD, RP

Jennifer Rickner PharmD, RPDr. Jennifer (Jen) Rickner grew up in a small farming town in Iowa which is where her passion for veterinary medicine began. This led her to attend to Creighton University School of Pharmacy and graduated with her Bachelors of Science and Doctorate of Pharmacy degrees. Jen worked in a community setting before she discovered her appreciation for pharmacy compounding. Jen has over 8 years’ experience in compounding pharmacy with her primary focus being Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and veterinary medications. Currently Jen is the lab manager at Pharmacy Solutions in Lincoln, Nebraska and provides LDN consultations for her community. For the past three years, Jen has completed and continued her LDN Master Specialist certification through the LDN Research Trust.  She enjoys taking time to work with providers and patients to develop specialized medication protocols for autoimmune disorders, Long-covid, pain management, and many other conditions. In Jen's free time she enjoys baking, golfing, and traveling with her husband and son.  If their dog, Hudson, can tag along even better!  

Dr Sienna Steckel

Sienna Steckel

Dr Sienna Steckel is a board-certified Emergency medicine physician practicing for the past 15 years in diverse clinical settings – inner city, rural counties, trauma centers and university research hospitals. 

She obtained her medical degree from UC San Francisco and went on to residency at Emory University in emergency medicine. 

Dr Sienna has dedicated the second season of her professional career to researching new and optimal ways to enhance the lives of her patients. 

Maria Torsiello, PharmD.

Maria Torsiello, PharmD.

Maria Torsiello, PharmD.

Maria Torsiello is a Compounding Pharmacist located in Richmond Virginia with Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy since 2021. Maria has completed PCCA certification in Hormone Replacement Therapy Compounding and has an interest in functional medicine.   Maria has a passion for educating patients and providers about LDN and compounded therapy options in general. 
As Virginia’s first nationally accredited compounding pharmacy, Rx3 Compounding Pharmacy has been an industry leader in innovation and quality for 30 years. Rx3’s commitment to patient safety and customer service are the cornerstones of their thriving compounding pharmacy. Rx3 specializes in hormone replacement, veterinary, dermatology, and our Chester location offers sterile medications such as eye drops, injections, and irrigations. Contact info: maria@rx3pharmacy.com https://rx3pharmacy.com/ 

Virginia Isbell, PharmD.

Virginia Isbell, PharmDGinny Isbell decided to pursue pharmacy while still in high school where she spent her summers working at the local hospital pharmacy. This led her to the McWhorter School of Pharmacy at Samford University where she graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy. She worked in Long-Term Care Pharmacy before she discovered her appreciation for pharmacy compounding.

In 2006 she joined Madison Drugs diving into the world of compounding and nutrition. She started attending numerous compounding, hormone and functional medicine conferences each year and quickly realized this was a place where she would never tire of learning in order to help others.

Ginny became co-owner of Madison Drugs in 2010. She currently supervises the compounding lab and provides wellness consultations. 

Dr. Marina Anna Straszak-Suri

Dr. Marina Anna Straszak-Suri

Dr. Marina is an OBGYN who has been in practice for over 30 years in Ottawa, Canada. She is also an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, teaching medical students, residents, family physicians, nurse practitioners, and midwives. Although conventionally trained she believes in a Functional Medicine approach so that she can treat the root cause of a problem rather than just mask the symptoms. She also likes to keep up to date with innovations and attends many conferences and webinars to offer her patients the most appropriate and newest treatments.  She is passionate about helping women reach their peak in health and vitality so that they can long, healthy, joyful lives!



Orville Rodney Weyrich, Jr, PhD, NMD.

Orville Weyrich, PhD, NMDDr. Weyrich is a physician licensed to practice as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) in Arizona. He provides precision evidence-based diagnosis and treatment, so that his patients can optimize their health, vitality, and longevity.

Dr. Weyrich’s interests include chronic autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, anti-aging medicine, pediatric special needs, and teaching.

Dr. Weyrich’s education includes a triple-major Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics (Union College of Kentucky, 1973), a Master’s degree in Chemistry (Duke University, 1976), a PhD in Organic Chemistry (University of Tennessee, 1982), and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2007). He is also “All but Dissertation” in Computer Science and Engineering (Auburn University, 1984).

Dr. Weyrich is a board-Certified Health Practitioner Diplomate in the Clinical Science of Anti-Aging by The American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (ABAAHP), and is Board Certified in Neurofeedback, Fellow by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. He is also certified in functional diagnostic medicine by the Functional Medicine University, and is Level 1 Certified as an Epigenetic Coach by Apeiron ZΩH.

Dr. Weyrich strives to bring his diverse skill set to providing individualized, best-in-class treatment to each of his patients.

Paul Glanville, MD

LDN SpecialistThe picture I included is of my wife, La Vonne, and me.  I have been in full time General Practice over 50 years.  I specialize in bio-identical hormone therapy, thyroid function and healthy aging.  I am just now looking into LDN therapy and am very excited!  I first saw The LDN Book about 7 years ago and thought it looked interesting but didn’t go any further.  Then somehow I saw or heard more about 2 months ago and have been wanting to try it for myself and my wife and more and more patients.  Finally decided to really learn about it and heard about the LDN MasterClass.  I decided that was the best way to really learn and get started.  Thank you LDN Research Trust and Linda Elsegood!  My hobbies are scuba diving (over 1900 dives and certified in night diving, nitrox, cavern and cave diving and solo diving), woodworking and playing trumpet.


Terry Armstrong, Jr, PMHNP-BC


Terry Armstrong, JrI am a DNP Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with an interest in integrative medicine. I enjoy working with complex patients and investigating underlying pathologies that are frequently misdiagnosed. I utilize nutritional psychiatry as a treatment intervention, and approach mental health from a perspective of assessing the person systemically rather than just focusing on mental health symptoms.

For instance, patients with mental health diagnoses frequently have underlying systemic inflammation that could be coming from a variety of conditions like MCAS, Ehler’s Danlos, Histamine Intolerance, or GI problems. Simply treating with mental health medications is only treating the symptoms, not the root cause. 

I have a BS in Exercise Physiology and was a Physical Therapist assistant for over 20 years. 


Gopesh Patel, RPh

Gopesh Patel RPr

Gopesh Patel, RPh is the compounding pharmacist-in-charge and owner at New Drug Loft in Manhattan, and VLS Pharmacy in Brooklyn. Gopesh focuses on providing high quality prescriptions and compounded medications.

Gopesh is a member of the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding, Professional Compounding Centers of America, A4M and ACAM and is on the advisory board for PCCA. Gopesh lectures at PCCA seminars, and is a Preceptor for pharmacy students from Long Island University College of Pharmacy, Touro College of Pharmacy and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University in Boston.

Gopesh is regularly featured as an expert in his field and a media resource. Please view one of his most recent interviews on Fox 5 News here

Pharmacist Terry Wingo

Terry Wingo

Terry Wingo graduated from Auburn University in 1975 with a Bachelor of science in Pharmacy.  He has fellowships with the American College of Apothecaries and the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists.

After working in independent community pharmacy settings for ten years, he and his family moved to Madison, Alabama, to become part of Madison Drugs.  In 1997 he joined PCCA.

In 2000 he converted the Pharmacy to a compounding and wellness only.  Since then, he has added a pharmacist partner, moved the Pharmacy in 2011 from the original 2,000 sf to 6,000 sf in a new development, expanded compounding services, and added other patient-based wellness services. For many years he has offered classes on wellness topics for patients, nurses, and prescribers.

Marketing Director Angie Fielden

Angie Fielden

Angie Fielden is a highly motivated director of marketing for Solutions Pharmacy, located just outside Chattanooga, TN. Angie has worked and traveled for Solutions Pharmacy since 1999. Solutions Pharmacy is licensed in 19 states. www.SolutionsPharmacy.com See website for state licenses.

Angie not only specializes in marketing, sales, branding, social media, but also co-owned a hormone replacement therapy office. She became an LDN specialist in 2021. She is responsible for educating providers on the compounded medications Solutions Pharmacy produces. It is Angie’s desire to play a key role in helping thousands of patients achieve a better quality of life. That is the driving force behind her passion, to know that lives can be improved through LDN Therapy.

Pharmacist Michelle Moser

Michelle Moser

Michelle is a clinical liaison for Revelation Pharma Corp & it’s affiliate pharmacies, educating providers & patients on various topics such as Low-dose Naltrexone, Thyroid issues, Hormone imbalance, Weight Loss, Pain & inflammation as well as various others. Michelle is a Fellow with the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding. American College of Apothecaries & American College of Veterinary Pharmacists, as well as international LDN consultant with the LDN Research Trust & owner of www.TheLDNPharmacist.com where the latest in scientific research & patient case studies can be found!

Michelle has an extensive background in the various aspects of pharmacy as well as teaching future pharmacy technicians and pharmacist students!  Michelle was a Board Trustee with the Hospice of the Northwest Foundation.

Dr Samantha Lebsock

Samantha LebsockSamantha received her bachelor’s in human biology and her Doctorate of Pharmacy from The University of Montana.  Samantha started working at Belmar Pharmacy in 2014. She quickly became involved in the Low Dose Naltrexone family and was amazed at the way it has changed people’s lives. Samantha is now the Director of Product Development and Clinical Research for Belmar Pharma and a resident LDN specialist through the LDN research trust.  She is an expert in compounded medication formulations and has become a trusted advisor to providers around the country.  

Pharmacist Stephen Dickson

Stephen Dickson

Stephen Dickson, BSC (hons), MRPharmS has worked with LDN for nearly two decades. He works with pharma partners to stabilise the supply chain and standardise methods of obtaining prescriptions in a safe and compliant manner. He runs the well-established private medical department of Dickson Chemist and 9 NHS pharmacies in Scotland.

Stephen owns a technology company responsible for dispensing the majority of the methadone in the UK in community pharmacies (MethaMeasure), and one of the largest online controlled drugs systems in the UK (CDRx). Stephen plays guitar in several bands (including a Ceilidh band), is on the board of directors of a semi-professional theatre group, oversees the MethaMeasure North American operation, and frequently speaks at LDN conferences internationally.