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Carrie Forrest, MBA, MPH (LDN, low dose naltrexone) from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

Carrie takes LDN for an autoimmune thyroid disorder/thyroid cancer, PCOS, chronic fatigue, and migraines

Katie gives an update on taking LDN for Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, GERD, IBS (LDN, low dose naltrexone) from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

Katie from the US gives as an update on taking Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for Fibromyalgia, Interstitial Cystitis, GERD, IBS.

Katie suffers multiple autoimmune conditions including Fibromyalgia, which caused pain, extreme fatigue, and foggy brain. She eventually learned about Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). After experimenting with various doses, she found her sweet spot at around 4 mg. She is excited about her new energy and pain relief. She is thankful to be thinking clearly again!

Review by Ken Bruce

Berglind from Iceland talk about LDN and Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos, IBS, Allergies (LDN, low-dose Naltrexone) from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

Berglind had suffered many years with her Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos, IBS, and allergies. At long last she found out about LDN on Facebook, and her doctor was LDN knowledgeable. He prescribed it for her. Within weeks her pain was reduced and she could finally get a good night’s sleep. It solved her IBS and allergy problems quite quickly. You will enjoy this interview and learn much in the process.

Sandy discussed her Chronic Epstein Barr Virus, CFS/ME and LDN Journey (LDN, low-dose Naltrexone) from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

Sandy was diagnosed with multiple viruses including Epstein’s Bar Virus which caused pain and chronic fatigue, migraines, and an extremely poor autoimmune system. She finally found a doctor who did extensive tests and prescribed Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). She describes the wonderful improvements that happened over the last year and a half. All her viruses are dormant now and the pain is gone. Her energy is back and she now has her life back.

Pregnancy and Low Dose Naltrexone - Dr Phil Boyle (LDN, low-dose Naltrexone) from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

Dr. Phil Boyle has utilized Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for 19 years with great success. Many women are unable to become pregnant due to poor health and a compromised autoimmune system, and shortage of endorphins. LDN does much to improve there conditions, and conception becomes possible. He recommends that women take LDN before, during, and after birth. He observes that LDN babies are healthier, happier, and sleep better. He is an authority on LDN and pregnancy with over 4,000 successful births. He hopes to create a study report based on his experiences.

Review by Ken Bruce

Researcher Jill Brook Discussed the Side Effect Survey (LDN, low-dose Naltrexone) from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

Jill Brook has done an extensive survey of LDN (low dose naltrexone) patient’s side effects. This survey included 1809 men and women of all ages and medical conditions. She breaks down the types of side effects people experience, but reminds us that some effects are potentially unrelated to the LDN. This is a wonderful survey that will answer many questions you may have. Jill Brook is a nutritionist and expert researcher, and will be doing an even deeper survey.

Review by Ken Bruce

Shirin from England shares her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Story from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

Shirin from England was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2008 after experiencing poor balance, bladder control, fatigue, memory issues, weakness and trouble walking the previous year.

She read an article about Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in her local newspaper, which is how she found out about the medication. After asking her GP for a prescription, it was rejected, so she sourced it privately instead and started taking it just over a year ago. 

Shirin experienced no side effects at all, and noticed improvements in her fatigue, bladder control, physical weakness and memory.

When asked what she would say to those thinking of trying Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), Shirin suggests they think seriously about it and states how it “might change their life.”

This is a summary to listen to the whole interview please click the video link.

Amy Talks about LDN and Hailey-Hailey Disease (Low dose naltrexone) from LDN Research Trust on Vimeo.

Amy suffered for years while her doctors failed to diagnose her Hailey-Hailey Disease. After numerous rounds of antibiotics and other failed treatments, she discovered LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) and a healthy diet for good gut health. This combination has given back her live without pain, weakness, and brain fog and terrible skin condition. Listen to her heartwarming story.