The LDN 2013 Conference

We would like to thank all the speakers for taking part in the conference, and for their amazing presentations.

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On this page are links to recordings of the LDN 2013 Conference in Chicago, and the PDF presentations of speakers.

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Here is your chance to see what the speakers spoke about.


Dr Jill Smith - Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dr Jill Smith's Presentation


Dr Deanna Windham - Case Studies

Dr Deanna Windham - LDN in Allergies, Autoimmune Disease and Pediatrics

Dr Deanna Windham's Presentation


Dr Burton Berkson - Cancers and Autoimmune Disease

Dr Berkson's Presentation


Dr Patrick Crowley - LDN Case Studies

Dr Patrick Crowley - no presentation


Paul Battle PA-C - Potential Applications for LDN

Paul Battle's Presentation


Stephen Dickson MRPharmS - What is LDN?

Pharmacists Stephen Dickson - Dr Mark Mandel's Presentation


Dr Tom Gilhooly - LDN in Practice

Dr Tom Gilhooly's Presentation


Dr Mark Shuhkman - Psychiatric Disorders

Dr Mark Shukhman - Dr Andrey Lev-Weisberg's Presentation


Dr Pradeep Chopra - Chronic Pain

Dr Pradeep Chopra's Presentation