The LDN 2014 Conference

We would like to thank all the speakers for taking part in the conference and for their amazing presentations.

Here you will find the links to the Video Recordings.

LDN 2014 Conference Brochure

Recorded Presentations


LDN and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) - Michael Arata, MD

LDN and Crohn's Disease - Paul Battle, PA-C

LDN in fertility - Phil Boyle , MICGP, MRCGP, MCRN

The mechanism of LDN (PDF) - Pradeep Chopra, MD

The Sinclair Method - Claudia Christian

LDN Case Studies - Pat Crowley, MB BAO BCh Dobst MICGP

Case Studies LDN in Pain Management (PDF) - Samyadev Datta, MD

LDN in Pain Management (PDF) - Samyadev Datta, MD

The pharmacology of LDN - Stephen Dickson , BSC (hons) MRPharmS

Thyroid Conditions, CFS/ME and LDN - Kent Holtorf, MD

Weight Loss - Andrey Lev-Weissberg, MD

Dietary Triggers That May Inhibit the Benefits of LDN

Therapy  -  Gluten Sensitivity - Tom O'Bryan, DC

Lyme Disease - Armin Schwarzbach, PhD, MD

LDN in Psychiatry- Mark Shukhman, MD

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