129 Medication Assisted Treatment Protocol (Abstract)

129 Medication Assisted Treatment Protocol

Cambridge University Press
24 April 2020

This article describes a protocol to be able to utilize medication assisted treatment options for patients dependent on opioids. The first step is using a 15-day Klonopin taper for effect detox of acute opioid withdrawal. Once detoxed, the patient can be started on low dose methadone or low dose Buprenorphine. Titration above 40 mg of Methadone, or 8mg of buprenorphine will usually not be needed. Buprenorphine is utilized as the mono product, Subutex. Avoiding Suboxone eliminates the risk of reemergence of acute opioid withdrawal symptoms. A description of how to transition to Naltrexone is provided. There are some differences between Methadone and Buprenorphine in the transition to Naltrexone. Once the patient is transitioned to Naltrexone, the stage is set for the patient to be able to get off medication assisted treatment.