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We have a list of LDN-literate prescribers from many countries.

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Ashley Dunmire, APRN


Latitude Family Clinic - We are small family practice with a special interest in LDN after seeing repeated success in our patients. We are only licensed for the State of Florida


Debora Donahue, APRN


Symphony Healthcare - Debora is an APRN who will focus on your story and help get to the root cause of your issue. Innovative treatment plans based on years of using an Integrative Medicine approach.


Elliot Dinetz, MD


Timeless Heath - Dr. Dinetz is a Board Certified Medical Doctor specialized in Functional Medicine and Longevity. Extensive training in Autoimmune conditions and the use of LDN as one of the better treatments.


Faride Ramos, MD

Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Faride Ramos - I believe in a complete medical approach: eastern and western disciplines are the key to get a long lasting result. That is why LDN Is a therapeutic approach that complements many different conditions.


George Yiachos, M.D., FACC, FASNC


The goal at WPR Medical (Wellness, Prevention, and Rejuvenation) is to:
   1) Reduce or eliminate medications
   2) Find the root cause of the way you feel
   3) Prevent the diseases resulting from chronic inflammation
   4) Speed your journey to rejuvenation

LDN Specialist


Mark Ernest, MD

Gulf Breeze

Ernest Clinic - Helping those who hurt is our mission and purpose.  If you are suffering, then Ernest Clinic may help eliminate your pain.


Timothy Blend, MD


The Blend Institute - A comprehensive Anti-Aging and Metabolic Medicine clinic providing all aspects of physical, mental and sexual health, including behavioral medicine for children. MD, ARNP, PA, RN all with more than 40 years’ experience



Yusuf M Saleeby, MD

Murrells Inlet, SC

Mt Pleasant/Charleston, SC

North Carolina

Carolina Holistic Medicine is a fully dedicated Functional Medicine center.  We host an annual Symposium on Functional and Integrative Medicine every July in Charleston, SC USA.  For more information please visit https://www.crowdcast.io/e/fxmedsymposium2021.  Clinical website: https://www.carolinaholisticmedicine.com.  We do offer Telemedicine Consultations.

LDN Specialist



Please be aware that our Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Prescriber List is provided for general information only. We do not, nor do we have the capability to, verify the accuracy of the information that prescribers provide to us. We accept all information that prescribers provide to us in good faith and place it on our Prescriber List, which we make available to you on an as-is basis. The fact that the information has been placed on this list should not be taken to indicate that the LDN Research Trust has verified or validated it in any way. The LDN Research Trust does not endorse or recommend any of the prescribers who appear on the Prescribers List.

Accordingly, it is advised that you obtain professional or specialist advice including on, but not limited to, the qualifications, credentials and suitability of any prescriber, before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of the content of the Prescriber List.