Adriana from the United States shares her son's Autism and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Story

This evening I'm joined by Adriana. She's from the United States. Thank you for joining us, Adriana. Could you tell us your story, please?

Adriana: Yes, sure. I have triplets, they will be seven years old on September 30th. Then I noticed the boys when you're around a year and a half, two years old, they were not talking.

They start having kind of autistic behaviours for walking, flapping and to not fall the direction pretty good. That kind of scared me. I have a daughter. She's eight years old, and she developed totally normal with no problems. But with the boys, me and my husband and started to note that something was not quite right.

Then the boys had always dry skin and red pimples growing around their checks and they didn't have normal regular bowel movements. Were like kind of diarrhoea almost every day. They were very skinny and very hard to gain some weight.

The boys were pale colour. They were not looking healthy at all. Then we found this neuro paediatrician in California that, asked us for a lot of blood work. His name is Dr. Michael Goldberg and he's well known in California for treating kids with ADHD, kids that have autism. My boys were from the local paediatrician here, and I live in Idaho Falls. They said the boys are autistic, not too much hope for the future, probably boys would need the iPads with pictures to communicate and we don't see the boys talking never because they're already almost four years old and they were still not talking.

Then we met Dr. Goldberg. We had the blood work done and Dr. Goldberg said: "Look, we're going to do this test  to make sure it's not in your family."  I don't have any kids and my family, all my husband's side family that has autism or mental retardation was something that was all new for us.

And dr. Bill Bruce said: " I'm pretty sure that on the blood work is going to come with the HSV-1 herpes virus very sky-high and the GI inflammation and all the immune system.  And then we identified the boys in the antifungals, antivirus and diets. Then we're going to see if the boys start responding to that.

After about 14 months on Dr. Golder's protocol, the boys start having regular bowel movements, not kind of worry diarrhoea, like before, their skin started getting much better, all that red pimples were gone and then the boys start talking. The boys started with open words, then little sentence and then start building up more sentences.

Then the boys start fading, all that flatting to walking all that autistic symptoms start fading away. And the doctor said: "90% of the kids I'm doing this for 30 years and 99% of the kids that have born classic autistic, the kid says the  HSV-1 herpes virus is sky-high and  GI is like mess with  a lot of inflammation and we need to treat with the antifungals and antivirus and diets."

It's when these kids started having the brain working properly again. The frontal lobe which is the part that's responsible for speech and behaviours is where the virus and the inflammation from the GI shut the doors for speech and behaviours.

We follow Dr. Wellbutrin and I would say 80% of the boys recovered from all the symptoms. My third boy is fully recovered. He is talking, he doesn't have any autistic symptoms anymore. The other two has a little bit more to recover. About six months ago I found about LDN, and I saw some specifical video that say LDN story on a YouTube and in a doctor from Florida was talking about the benefits of LDN for autistic kids. I would say not autistic but kids that have autistic symptoms because it's treatable. I was watching the video and that caught my attention, the benefits of LDN.

And I talked with all the parents too, that was already using LDN and seeing some friends that I have in California, that we're seeing good results with the kids, 3.5 mg dosage for LDN. They get the prescription with their local paediatrician. I talked to my local paediatrician, and she was already working with patients that have cancer and kids with ADHD problems and kids that are very, very hyper or kids that have melted stick symptoms and then was very successful. She asked me if I would like to try it. I said, yes and my boys started with 1 mg.

We build up all the way to 3. The boys right now are taking 3.5 mg every night 8:30 PM, half an hour before bedtime. What I saw after LDN the very quality of sleep. They used to sleep good nights but sometimes waking up in the middle of the night.

Now they can sleep straight the full night with quality sleep because I can tell in the morning you don't have the dark circles anymore. Dr Michael Goldberg, the one that treats my boys in California say the dark circles around the eyes is a big red flag for food allergies.

I learned with LDN that helps with dampen the system because my boys don't have the dark circles anymore around their eyes. There's sleeping pretty good. The eye contact is really good. I saw in the very next day, the boys took LDN in one night and then the next day in the morning, I saw all three with the very, very good brighten fall to look at following directions really good. And then all of the therapists that work with the boys at school or occupational therapy or a speech therapist said, the boys seem really bright and alert. One of my boys was like very hyper and then he seems a way calmer. Another thing that I notice his speech longer.  They're talking in a long clear sentence. Before the LDN, one of my boys, if he wanted a banana, he just would look at me, " Mama banana, please." Now he can say, "Mama, can I have my banana, please?" More clear in a long full sentence. After LDN, instead of just saying water, now he can say, "Mom, can I have water, please?" or Can I have my food, please?" And before he would just say food or I want food, a very short sentence. Now I notice it helps with the speech because they are talking longer sentences in more clear and add new words to that I never saw them talking before.  I'm going to give an example. The other day he asked me for a specific food that he cannot eat and I said, No, Brian, you can not eat that food." and he looked at me straight, and said, "Why not?" He would never say something like that. He looked straight in my eyes and said: "Why not mommy?"

And then I explained it. Now he's coming the why not and the more questions like Can I get my iPad, please?" And using better in longer sentences. And I note his speech is taking off pretty good. That's the LDN and they look healthier. One thing that caught really, really my attention is,  the last blood work before LDN HHV6 was 1.60 and after four to five months on LDN, the HHV6 drop dramatically for 1.04 and Dr. said, that was a huge difference only in three or four months.

Now they called the HHV6 IgG blood test is normal. They are at a normal level now is not sky high anymore. So that caught my attention too. If LDN is helping to drop the high numbers I think LDN works for the entire immune system.

I believe so. And the blood works is showing much better with everything and with the CD4, CD8 cells and everything. Any case cells at a good level too. So I really believe that LDN is really helping the boys and showing they're sleeping better.

The skin is nice and soft, and they look healthier. I'm really happy with the results.

Linda Elsegood: Well, what an amazing story! Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

Adriana: You have a great day.

Any questions or comments you may have, please contact us. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for joining us today. We really appreciated your company. Until next time, stay safe and keep well.