After COVID I had thyroiditis what can help?

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After COVID I had thyroiditis what can help?

This person says they had COVID in 2020, wound up with hyperthyroidism, which was thyroiditis, treated completely, resolved, with mild hyperthyroidism.

You can actually treat mild hyperthyroidism with nutrients in many cases, not all; I do. If you want a protocol for that, I'm happy to send that protocol over to you, or contact Linda, and I can send it over to her. Either way or both. When you get a major virus like this, it commonly sets up an autoimmune response. So if you've had one autoimmune disease, you may get another. This person who commented here, Ruth; Ruth I’m sorry you ended up with the inflammation of your thyroid gland. One of my patients ended up having a severe virus at the age of 24, which when the virus resolved, had Type 1 diabetes. She's still alive at the age of 91, so she's done very well with Type 1 diabetes. But it was caused by a virus, as you've seen with MS and other things. It's a contributing factor.

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Dr Pamela Smith, LDN Specialist and Advisor to the LDN Research Trust