Alex shares is Multiple Sclerosis and  LDN Archived Interview

Linda: I'd like to introduce Alex from England. You take LDN for Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you for joining me, Alex. 

Alex: You're welcome. 

Linda: Could you tell me when have you been diagnosed with Ms?

Alex: I was diagnosed with Ms in 2009.

Linda: Ok. And how old were you? 

Alex: I was about 31.

Linda: Okay. And what were your symptoms that led to your diagnosis? 

Alex: It's quite a long story because they missed around a bit, but one day I was driving to work and my eyes just went very blurry. I was having a problem walking and I thought it was because of that trip, but now looking back it wasn't. They put me on steroids. I got a little bit better. Went back to work. It was a stressful period. And then got diagnosed with relapsing and remitting MS

My Neurologist, he paused for a second and said: " You got Ms".

I found out about LDN through this talking.

Because I spent too much time researching and looking for things that could help. 

 I got it online trough a pharmacy that prescribed it to me. I think it was in Glasgow.

I have been on it a good couple of months.

Linda:  So if we go back to before you started LDN, what symptoms were you experiencing at that time?

Alex: When I wake up in the morning, my legs were like death and I was feeling I wasn't getting a nice sleep. And my boys were saying I was more restricted. And my eyes were messing up quite regularly. 

Linda: You said you were on LDN for how long now? 

Alex: 28 plus 28 plus two days. 

Linda: Okay, so it's like three months. 

Alex: Yeah. Basically.

Linda: So what has LDN done for you in those three months?

Alex:  I am sleeping so much better. When I wake up in the morning, I feel like I had better sleep and my muscles are not stiff anymore so I  can get out of bed and get downstairs with minimal trouble.

I was chatting with my wife last night, and I'm starting to engage more with people. I am trying to put myself out there. It's kind of giving me a push towards being more involved in things.

Linda: Sorry to interrupt you. And the three months you've done very well. When you first started, did you notice any side effects?

Alex:  No. I have had no side effects. There were no big vivid dreams or anything like that. 

I wish now I had gone straight to LDN. For me, it feels like it did so much more to me.

Linda: What would you say to other people who are contemplating trying LDN? 

Alex: Go for it. It's a shame that most of the doctors in this country didn't realize yet how much this does help. Like other drugs out there, there is a variety of other things out there that helps. We are all a bit different and then there is a little bit of trial and error. But it is been so fantastic. 

Linda: Good. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

Alex: Not a problem.