Any Recommendations on How to Help Improve Gut Health/Healing?

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Any Recommendations on How to Help Improve Gut Health/Healing?

Any general advice or recommendations on how to help improve gut health/fungal issues?  Great question.  I'm a believer in gluten-free over here.  Vitamin D regulates your tight junctions.  I know we've mentioned that multiple times but check your vitamin D.  A lot of times, I think depending on the patient, and what's happening, it's really important to pull out, you know start with a very basic diet and then you can try to identify what type of issues you might be experiencing.  If you're having an allergy or a response. I think a lot of processed gluten actually is very hard on the gut and I'm a believer that gluten-free is probably, especially if anybody who has any type of autoimmune disease, I think every time you eat gluten you're aiding in that inflammatory pathway over and over and over and over.  That's my spiel but I am sure Michelle has more things on the fungal issue as well.  

Anything else?  Well, it's about finding out what's there and then eradicating fungus out of the gut.  It takes time.   I mean it can, take a year, easily.  You've got to work with a really good provider that really understands the difference between SIBO and SIFO.  There's two different y nuances between the side effects or the symptoms associated with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, versus fungal overgrowth.  Those side effects are nuances.  They're just very very slight.  And there isn't just one therapy.  Some people start with Nystatin, like a million units three times a day for at least a month and then evaluate and perhaps that therapy will go on for six months or more.  

Then at what point do you potentially add an Azle or another anti-fungal? Really depends on the progression of symptoms.  How are they evolving? How are they changing? And just because you're treating fungus doesn't mean you shouldn't be treating bacteria.  So you gotta, you gotta test.  Well, no I'm gonna back that up.  You don't always test because quite honestly the treatment modalities are going to be the same whether you test or not.  When you're dealing with other kinds of gut issues that's when it's nice to have a clearer picture.  Look at motility right because a lot of times when you have bacterial changes overgrowth or undergrowth and fungal overgrowth you have motility issues and so that's where, again, dealing with a really good gastroenterologist whether it's a naturopath or an allopath is very important.  Treatments are individualized. They have to be individualized. There isn't a cookie cutter way of treating anybody.