Can giving Butyrate or HDL Cause any Problems?

Does giving butyrate or HCL cause any problems?

Butyrate, I have not seen any problems with. Remember, anybody could be sensitive to anything. Okay? So, you know, there's always those people on either end of the bell curve, all right? But I haven't seen too many problems at butyrate, it's a dosage related thing,or, you know, intolerance of the smell or whatever, that we can just change around to, you know, the tri butrin, which has no smell, or the sun, butyrate, hydrochloric acid, betine, hydrochloride.

Sometimes we'll call burn cause burning, okay? If you use too much of it, and there's usually progression issues and see how much you use, you need.

One thing you should know about digestive enzymes, take them before the meal or in the middle of the meal. If you take them after the meal and you have, let's say, you know, OTAor reflux, you're gonna reflux those enzymes into your low esophagus, they're gonna burn. Okay? So if you take the digestive enzyme separately, okay, then you can, you can play with a, HCL. If you take a combined product, again, have them buy a small bottle and, you know, work with it a little while.

Make sure that they're taking either the middle of the meal or before the meal. People aren't gonna remember in the middle of the meal usually, so before the meal is just fine, not after the meal.

Just tell them that, give them a break on it so you don't have to take a few. I forgot to take my enzyme stop. All right. Next meal. All right. And that's usually what's gonna fix that. Okay? And they shouldn't be taking those kinds of enzymes in between meals. I know there's some argument about that, but especially with somebody who's got a raw stomach or has got h-pylori and stuff like that, they're not gonna tolerate it well.