Can Gluten and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Together Cause Irritability?

Can Gluten and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Together Cause Irritability?

If you have gluten or casein in the diet, the whole theory of caseomorphin and gliadomorphins.

I've seen some kids on the spectrum when I first started actually, you reminded me.

So one of the theories that potentially out there for people who may not respond to LDN is these morphine-like molecules that occur with certain foods and dairy and wheat. In these cases, that's something that I'd love to study and get more data on.

I suspect there could be a link between morphine-like substances in food and response or maybe lack of response to LDN, or maybe side effects to LDN.

Again, theoretically if somebody is generating these morphine-like molecules in their intestines, kind of causing a chronic opioid stimulation, and then you introduce LDN, it could put them into withdrawals.

So some of the side effects that we're seeing from LDN could potentially be withdrawals from these opioid-like substances. That, but that's just theory. But thanks for bringing it up.  It is on my list, on my radar for, for one of the things to kind of look at.

If anybody has any data out there to support that hypothesis, please email me.