Can I Compare a Tungsten Red Light Panel to an Infrared Sauna?

Can I compare a tungsten red light panel to infrared sauna for helping inflammation and pain?

I think it's kind of individualized. All right. Infrared sauna. I've had one myself. Great. Okay. You know, usually you, when I get the slightly larger one, because the one for one person looks like a very closed telephone booth. I got one that had space for two or three people and my sons and I used to go in there and bring our electrolyte solution. And we had the TV outside. You could watch tv, you know, the red-light panel. You’ve got to be careful with the red-light panels. Okay. 

The stuff on Amazon is very, those panels are very weak. Okay. You have to really dive into by the manufacturer and how they're made and their power and so forth. The reason I gave you a red-light man is because I can vouch for their professionalism and the quality of their products. Okay. 

I think they're both beneficial. Sometimes one, sometimes both. And it's a matter of, you know, what works for your patients. Okay? Somebody already has infrared sauna. Great. You know, and if it's working fine, alright? If they don't have anything, I personally would go with what their lifestyle would say and what the, you know, more cost-effective product is. Okay? That's the way I would go about it.