Can I mix Naltrexone in orange juice or water?

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Pharmacist Sabastian Denison
Clinical Compounding Pharmacist Sabastian Denison

Can I mix Naltrexone tablets in orange juice or water? Right now, what we're seeing in the compounding world is that there's a difference in opinion with respect to whether or not it can be done.  Certainly, it is done, but what we find is dosing can actually be really variable, and there are also some requirements.  Pharmacies are actually being tied beyond the United States that are different in different countries.  So we want to really point out the recommendation. It's kind of falling away,  especially with these  patients who are trying to dose titrate, and  they're like, “ I gotta get this much into me.”   Very inaccurate, and if you're looking for really good clinical outcomes,  work with your healthcare provider, work with the compounding pharmacy, and find the best resolution for you. But really and truly, that was an old-school way of getting it done.  We've got so much more access to it.  So again,  as clinical pharmacists,  we're always talking about accuracy, precision, and consistency.  So for the best outcomes for you as a patient, find a good compounding pharmacy to support your needs and work with them.  If they're good, they will work with you, I promise.