Can LDN make you tired?

Julia Ward, MD
Julia Ward, MD
Balanced Body Functional Medicine

In some people, LDN can cause increased sleepiness. Rarely someone will complain about it making them fatigued the next day. For these people, I recommend taking it earlier in the evening (around dinner time) to see if that helps and sticking with it for a few weeks as usually, this side effect will go away. For those who continue to feel fatigued throughout the day, I recommend lowering the dose. Even using 1 mg of LDN can provide benefit.                                                                                                    
Just as some people will experience vivid dreams when they first start LDN - this will go away on its own after a week or two.                                                                                                 
Other people will experience a stimulatory effect. These people should take LDN in the morning rather than at night.