Can Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and Pericalcitol be Combined in Transdermal Periacidol? 

Clinical Pharmacist Nat Jones
Nat Jones, R.Ph. FAPC


Can Naltrexone and  paricalcitol be combined in transdermal pericalcidol?  Iis the 1-25 vitamin D2 less calciumic than calcitrio? Pericastal is commonly used in renal patients.  It may be used to treat long-term COVID by stimulating vitamin D receptors without evoking hypercalcemia in the serum. 

To answer that question I have no experience compounding with it.  It's not available as a compounding API so we've not seen it used in topical applications.  I have no knowledge of it.   I do know that the one  form that I did present to you earlier that had Naltrexone along with diphenhydramine and vitamin D3 was useful and it is very stable formulation for topical use.  So I would imagine that it could be done but I just don't have a source of it.  We've never formulated with it in our formulations.  I couldn't really give you an experience on that.  I don't want to give you misinformation.  I'll leave it at that and let you figure it out.  If you can find a source maybe you could formulate with it or get your compounding pharmacy to formulate with it.  But it has to be a viable API Source from a reputable vendor.  Something that has a monograph that we could utilize in compounding.