Can you drink alcohol on LDN?

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Dr Julia Piper
Dr Julia Piper

Whilst it is possible to drink alcohol whilst you are taking LDN, because of the opiate receptor blocker effect of low-dose naltrexone on the body, the feelgood factor from alcohol is much reduced. However, when you are taking any medication, it is always advisable to keep alcohol to a very minimum, maybe limiting a drink to a small glass of wine with a meal.

It is notable that naltrexone, because of its ability to block the opiate receptor and thereby take away the feelgood factor from alcohol, is used in higher doses to reduce the potential possibility of recovering alcoholics, returning to drinking large amounts of alcohol. In this form, naltrexone is used at the normal doses of between 50 and 75 mg. The effect is so helpful that a pharmaceutical preparation mimicking the effect of naltrexone has now been produced in the form of Nalmefene which helps to reduce the amount of alcohol a person drinks. This is available by prescription from a doctor.