Can You Make Your Own Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) from a 50 mg Tablet? 

LDN Specialist
Pharmacists Michelle Moser and Dr Sam Lebsock

Do we  have to buy LDN from a compounding pharmacy? To answer the first part of that question; if you're in the United States, yes.  Buy it from a compounding pharmacy. 

 How about diluting a 50 milligram pill in water and taking one-tenth of the solution each night?  Don't do it.  I know Michelle will go into a soapbox about this as well. When you dilute it in water, and you put it in the fridge or wherever you're storing it, at your bed, please don't do that.  Please just get a nice compounded prescription so that the people who are compounding know what they're doing.  When you dilute it in water and you put in the fridge or put it by your bed I don't know what's growing in there.  I don't know.  We have no idea what type of dose that you could be getting. You’re not going to get consistent dosing.  There's going to be growth in there.  It's not something that you should be doing at all.  You should be going to a contact pharmacy.  You're going to get the results.  It's trying to do something at home by yourself.  This question comes up every time we do a q and a and there have literally been physicians that were part of the LDN conferences that this is the way they prescribe.  In the United States generic products are allowed to vary plus or minus 10 percent.  So batch to batch we have no idea that when we get a bottle of Naltrexone 50 milligram tablets are you getting 45 milligrams? Are you getting 48.25 milligram?  Are you getting 53.2 milligram?   I mean you have no idea.  They can be between 45 and 55. When you take one tenth of that dose are you getting 4.5 milligrams or are you getting up to 5.5 milligrams?  What we have found, and I don't care where you are in the world, is that that variation alone could make or break your success.  The bottom line is, why are you wanting to play with your health?  You have taken years if not decades and how many providers have you gone through?  How many prescriptions have you gone through to finally get somebody to prescribe Low Dose Naltrexone for you?

Like Sam said, take the professionalism, the scientific research, and the consistency behind a compound of medication and use that to improve your health.  Don't play around with trying to compound at home.  It's just not worth it.  It's because when you buy 50-milligram tablets, even if it's in within one batch you still don't know where it's at.  So literally, week to week, you could literally be chasing your tail every time you do something different.  Just leave it to the professionals.  Let them take care of you.  That is what we do best and that's what we're trained to do.  

What was the Biome test that you recommended Michelle? Biome FX.  It's by Microbiome Labs and it runs around four hundred dollars but it's a complete DNA mapping of everything that's in the gut and then also the byproducts that whatever food and beverage sources you're providing and how that is interacting with whatever's in there.