Can you take Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and High Dose Opioids?

Dr Norman Marcus, Pain Specialist
Dr. Norman Marcus, Pain Specialist

Can you take Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and High Dose of Opioids?

The only condition where I'm wary is when a patient comes in who's on a high dose of opioids. Although I know that it could help reduce the reliance on opioids and get them off it can also prompt or precipitate a withdrawal reaction.  I've had some patients that had high dose and got really sick on the hundred micrograms so that I would start really low on those patients.  Otherwise, I don't find anything in the literature that says that we should really think of this as a disease condition, as a contraindication.  I think that there's a lot to be learned.  We need to make sure that we're doing something actually helpful.  Just to give somebody something because I've seen patients come in and they're on 10 different drugs, and nothing's really doing anything, but they were prescribed it, and they take it.  We’d really like to know if it actually has an effect.  All of us can be pioneers in terms of collecting data and reporting on the treatments for various arcane conditions that people haven't thought about before.  It's very challenging, but the possibility that we can use a relatively cheap drug with almost no side effects with potentially profound effects is miraculous.