Can You tell me about NAC dosage, Products, Histamine, and Spike Protein?

Can You tell me about NAC dosage, Products, Histamine, and Spike Protein?

Dosage on NAC. Okay.  I recommend the augmented NAC and dosage is one capsule a day to start with, then one capsule twice a day after four or five days, one, and then two capsules twice a day. I take that myself, okay? Because it will maintain health or create health, but that's what I recommend. 

Regular NAC is wonderful. It's only 15% effective. So the augmented NAC, you're getting a bigger bang for the buck. It's a little bit more expensive. I do mean a little bit, okay? But it's worth doing. You should do that for three to six months and then a maintenance dose would be one or two capsules a day.

What other substances besides augmented NAC binds spike protein? 

There's a lot of them that claim to. Okay. I'd rather not go into it now because it's numerous and I'm not sure of the efficacy. I'm very short efficacy about the augmented NAC. And if you are going to get this for yourself or for a loved one, or if you're a practitioner and you're deciding on a single product, that's worth it. Okay? I recommend the augmented NAC.

There's other substances, high dose B one therapy and so forth. But I've noticed with that, as good as it is, is you have to take regularly B complex and you have to take electrolytes. And then, you know, there's other things you have to take, which becomes a protocol unto itself with the augmented NAC, drinking water. And you're just taking that with the other parameters of foundational treatment. It becomes a lot easier. 

Remember, the less things you have people take, the better compliance they're gonna get because anybody will do anything for two weeks. But beyond that, you are looking for long-term compliance because that's where the healing's gonna take place. It takes time. Some people think that it's still the pill for the ill, but it takes time. 

Does NAC increase histamine in the body?

I am not aware that it does. I've never seen anything that points in that direction. NAC combined with glutamate will create glutathione. And that's one of the mechanisms of controlling glutamate, which is a big problem, especially if somebody has apolymorphic GAD enzyme. Glutamate carboxylase, which takes glutamate, convert to gaba, which is inhibitory, which you use to calm your brain. But high glutamate glutamate and high enough numbers will cause seizures. It's nasty. And on the neurotransmitter test, you'll see it.

So one of the ways of correcting that is to use altheine. And there's a product that, that the liposomal product by Quick Cell Scientific, that has GABA with altheine that will go directly into the brain, but using NAC or augmented NAC, that will combine it with glutamate and create glutathione. Okay? That's one of ways. It's binding glutamate. So it drops the glutamate down.

Is NAC a histamine liberator?

What about affecting mood glutamate, dopamine, thank you. Okay. NAC is not a histamine liberator, okay? And the way it affects mood is by binding glutamate, okay? Which will bring down that excitatory neurotransmitter. Remember that the excitatory neurotransmitter gives rise to things like O-C-D, O-D-D, schizophrenia, you know, all the excitatory disorders, okay? And it will create glutathione, which is your master antioxidant, which will start scarfing up free radicals, which are also a big problem. That's oxidative stress. And you bring your oxidative stress down low, lower, and that can have a positive effect on your entire health.

So I don't know that NAC C is a histamine liberator. I've never run into that. I could be, remember, I could be wrong. Okay? I'm always in, I always invite people to send me, you know, information so I can correct and learn.