Carol from England shares her Multiple Sclerosis (MS)  & Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Story

Carol was diagnosed with MS about 20 years ago aged 45. On her way to the shop her legs gave way and two years later she was diagnosed with MS. It had a huge impact on her previously active life working with children. She used to help her husband with boys' and girls' clubs; even taking them abroad on activity holidays. To suddenly be unable to continue this had a great psychological impact. She became quite depressed. 

Physically she was no longer able to walk properly; her legs would jump and she felt very weak. She also experienced occasional bladder problems.

She first heard about LDN at the hairdressers after reading a magazine article by Linda Elsegood. She was able to acquire LDN easily online.

She has taken it consistently for about five years.  Her legs no longer jump, she feels less week and has a more positive attitude to life. Her life is far more productive and she would recommend anyone with her condition to try Low dose Naltrexone.

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