Christian from Germany shares his Multiple Sclerosis (MS )& Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Journey

Christian, from Germany, takes low dose naltrexone (LDN) for multiple sclerosis (MS). He was diagnosed at age 30, in 2001.

In 1995 he had symptoms like inflammation of an eye nerve, but no one connected it with MS at the time.

In 2001 he could run 10 km and run a marathon, but became unable to walk 200 m without a walking frame. After internet research, he used e-med to get a prescription, which he filled at Dickson Chemist. For the first month he had wild dreams, but was able to increase from 1.5 mg LDN by 0.5 mg over 4 weeks.

He notes decreased fatigue and more energy, although his MS continues to get worse slowly. He recommends LDN for others with MS, as well as continuing activities that move the body. He also takes Tecfidera, but feels it is not more helpful than LDN. He remarks that it is difficult to find a doctor to prescribe LDN in Germany and turned to England for his prescription. He spends about 400 € annually.


Summary of Christian's interview, please listen to the video for the full story.

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