Citrus Grilled Salmon or Trout

This recipe comes from Carla, a restaurant owner in Newfoundland, she KNOWS how to make incredible fish.

We love to grill salmon or steelhead trout!  You can get both with skin on one side .  This comes off very easily after cooking. 

Citrus Grilled Salmon or Trout


Salmon or steelhead trout filets with skin on one side, pat dry.

If desired, spread the top of the fish with a homemade garlic butter lightly.

Add fresh dill

Lemon slices (which are delicious to eat once they are cooked!) I also like to sprinkle Montreal steak spice This is a favorite go to of mine. 


I place the filets on an all clad grilling pan. Heat my Bbq to 400 . 

Turn the middle burner off once desired temp is reached. 

Place the filets over that middle burner on pan (you can also preheat the pan if you like, this will facilitate quicker cooking!) 

Depending on size for your filets cooking time 12 - 16 minutes. 

I prefer my fish cooked in the center so I go by the touch test . The fish will feel firm. I check fairly often as to not overcook . There is no turning of the fish. 

I like to serve the piece of fish atop of spring greens mixed with chopped mango. Fresh peach, red onion and avocado . Be sure to squeeze some lemon juice on the fruits so they do not turn brown.

I use a light homemade salad dressing made with a blood orange oil.

Courtesy of

Carla, a restaurant owner in Newfoundland, Canada