Claire from New Zealand. He uses LDN for fibromyalgia, connective tissue disease and restless leg syndrome.

Claire from New Zealand first got sick when she was around 12 or 13, and was diagnosed with celiac disease.

It took quite a while to have a diagnosis after missing school for six months with tummy pain. Since then she has followed a strictly gluten-free diet.

Then around about four years ago, she started to have headaches and her inflammatory marker blood tests were elevated,and couldn't work out what was wrong and eventually that went away or improved anyway. Sfter changing jobs the headache came back and along with it came, joint pain, joint, swelling, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath.

She had mouth ulcers and, a butterfly rash on her nose and cheeks when she was about 26. So it took quite a while to get a diagnosis of connective tissue disease.

At this time she was taking many medications and was in a lot of pain. After doing research research for autoimmune diseases as well as the fibromyalgia. At this point she was working 10 hours a week, and I was really desperate. So I thought I'm going to try it.

After the first night she slept really well and she didn't have any restless legs, she was really excited.

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