Could breast implants have caused my MCAS?

Could breast implants have caused my MCAS?

My health problem started after my breast augmentation. Do you think the breast implants may have caused my MCAS? I've already had the implants removed, unfortunately not unblocked in 2017. Unfortunately, my health got worse and worse. 

This is a really, really important question and I've seen this now more than several times in my practice and I've spoken to colleagues at length about this. When they remove the implant, so let's think about what the implants are; the coating of the implant is silicone. Even if inside the implant is saline, it doesn't matter, there's still silicone on the outside. If there's silicone in the inside, that may be even more problematic, but silicone can be a huge muscle trigger. 

You're putting something foreign into the body. Most people who develop problems with breast implants already have a predisposition to MCAS. That's my belief, that there is some already some low -level dysfunctional mast cells that maybe the body can keep in check until this major event. 

The implants are in the body, the body is seeing the silicone as foreign, the mast cells are reacting causing inflammation. Now when they take the implants out and they don't do an unblock, what that means is that they're leaving scar tissue in the breast, where that's surrounded the implant, and that scar tissue contains silicone and that's been shown by several colleagues. 

Dr. Eva Najee is in Australia, she's a breast surgeon. She's shown this, that there's continued silicone sort of accumulation, so the implant is out but there's still silicone in the breast and that can continue to cause mast cell activation. 

What I've seen is that some patients need to go back into the O.R. and have all that scar tissue removed in order to bring their body back into balance. You have to take out what's really just the driver, the trigger for the mast cells. 

So I'm not saying that's the problem here, right?  I'm saying that this may be something that you may want to explore. It is a very, very important point and actually quite common.