Could long-term use of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) cause liver damage

Could long-term use of LDN cause liver damage? Is there any published literature on this? After taking it for five years, should one stop it for a moment?

‘Moment’ is interesting. So, I have not done this. I stopped it when I had surgery. I don't ever plan on stopping it for any other reason other than surgery. 

I'm not paid to say these things about LDN. I just really feel, I just really feel that it is something that has been very beneficial for me personally and I've seen really good results in my patients. Of course, nothing works for every single person, but I would say out of all the different things that I prescribe, it's probably my number one most beneficial thing that I prescribe. The dose is so low that unless a person has some other problem with their liver, I would not expect Low Dose Naltrexone to cause any problem with their liver.