Covid-19 Long Haulers (News)

Covid-19 Long Haulers

Pensum Regenerative Medicine
09 February 2021

Covid Long Haulers present with symptoms long after they have tested negative for the Covid-19 virus. One big clue in treating patients with Post Covid syndrome is treat them as we would treat Chronic Fatigue Patients. It seems that patients with the Post Covid syndrome and those who have CFS have many similarities. Both conditions seem to have increased levels of cytokine growth factors such as Interleukin 1 and Tumor Necrosis Factor which cause inflammation. Another medication that may be of benefit in reducing inflammation in long haulers is a medication called Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). reducing certain cytokine growth factors will reduce inflammation. We must be cognizant of the fact that these effects of Naltrexone only occur with the low doses. The lower doses are blocking the activation of certain immune cells. This is accomplished by blocking receptors on the cell surface with low doses.