Deanna Windham’s Presentation on Psoriasis at The LDN 2017 Conference

Dr Deanna Windham shares her presentation on Psoriasis at The LDN 2017 Conference.

In this presentation, Dr Windham speaks about the patients in her practice and how her wealth of experience has helped her to be able to treat newer patients with greater efficacy. She also mentions the rapidly changing scientific outlook on Psoriasis, emphasising the importance of new research.

She opens by describing the epigenetics of psoriasis, stating that there are 63 identified genetic variants. The triggers of psoriasis are also analysed which include dietary sensitivities such as gluten and sugar, a microbiome imbalance as well as nutritional deficiencies.

Dr Windham makes it clear that the traditional treatment of psoriasis is inadequate, stating that one in five patients don’t respond successfully to traditional therapies. The science behind the inadequacy of these treatments is also debated.

This is a summary of Dr Deanna Windham’s presentation. Please listen to the rest of Dr Windham’s presentation by clicking on the video above.